We have been successfully achieving our goals because of the hard work, integrity and sincerity of the managements , principals , teachers, as well as other employees and students. It is a results of an encouraging co-operation of our donors and the members of our mother institute—Gadat Vibhag Vividh Karyakari Khedut Mandal Ltd.we are grateful to all those known and unknown donors who have given as inspiration and strength.  P.B.L Scheme [ Student Assistance Fund]:

This Fund was established in 1945 by the past principal, Shree Maganbhai Gulabbhai Vashi, named as ‘Student Assistance Fund’ (Vidhyarthi Sahayak Fund). The main aim of this fund is to provide free books to each student and to help the needy students with school uniforms as well as tution and term fees. We are doing noble activities with this fund, such as medical help is also provided to the needy students. By this kind of activity even students learn morality to help the poor and also learn the lessons of humanity towards mankind.

If you donate 25,000 or in multiplication of 25,000,its interest will be deposited in P.B.L. scheme.

Still we do need development of the school such as…

Our Aspirations
  • Generator

₹ 4,50,000/-

  • Library Furniture

₹ 2,51,000/-

  • Adopt Student XI-Sci & XII-Sci Science Lifetime

₹ 25,000/-

  • Yearly (semester-I & II)

₹ 5,000/-

  • Electronic Black board for higher classes (for 3 classes)

₹ 6,25,000/-

  • Music System & Mike Equipment

₹ 3,00,000/-

  • Open Stage Ground Facing

₹ 3,50,000/-

  • Class room Mike System

₹ 3,50,000/-

  • Sarasvati Temple

₹ 3,50,000/-

We are quite optimistic about the successful completion of this inevitable and challenging task of construction. We humbly request you to be helpful to us in this noble cause. We invite your suggestions and guidance regarding our project

We happily invite you to our school or to our website for further information.